Data Services Marketing Lists

Data Services and Marketing

Whether we are undertaking a
marketing campaign or
market research on your behalf we can provide you with lists of
target customers (mailing list or marketing lists/databases) to support our
activity including a database of names, addresses, contact names, telephone number and
email addresses (as you require).

Businesses can be selected
according to a range of specific criteria such, but not limited too:


Geographic location i.e. by
country, county, city or town.


Number of employees.


Industry sector by Standard
Industry Code or Business Sector Codes.


Business turnover.


Type of contact e.g.
Managing Director, Marketing Director etc.


Availability of a telephone
number or email address.

Other criteria are also
available so if you have a specific requirement please ask and we may be
able to help.

Data can be supplied to you
in an electronic form e.g. Excel, Access, CSV or TXT files or a paper form if required.

Data can be purchases on a
single use or multiple use basis.

To discuss your requirements, in strict
confidence and without obligation:




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