Travelling for business to Australia


Australia is one of the world’s most visited places, with almost 450,000 internationals arriving every month. To visit Australia you need a valid visa unless you are a citizen of New Zealand or Australia.

You can apply for your ETA visa if you hold a valid passport from any of the 30 eligible countries. The Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) eliminates all need for paperwork, visiting visa offices and having a stamp or label in your passport. When your ETA is approved, your visa and passport will be automatically linked.

An ETA visa is generally valid for twelve months. It will expire if your passport expires within this duration. You can stay in Australia up to 3 months using your ETA.

To apply for your ETA to Australia, you must have a valid passport from any of the following countries

  • Canada Brunei – Darussalam Hong Kong Malaysia JapanSingapore
  • Republic of Korea United States of America Andorra Belgium
  • Austria Bulgaria  Cyprus Croatia Czech Republic Estonia Denmark France
  • Finland Germany Hungary Greece Iceland Italy
  • Republic of Ireland Latvia
  • Liechtenstein Luxembourg
  • Lithuania Malta
  • Netherlands Monaco
  • Norway Portugal
  • Poland Romania Republic of San Marino Slovenia Slovakia Spain Switzerland Sweden United Kingdom of Great Britain Northern Ireland Vatican City

Other than your passport, we need your e-mail ID and your credit/debit card information. Make sure you fill out your details exactly as they are in your passport. You should use the same passport during your journey. Arranging airport transfers in advance is recommended.

  • Your ETA is valid for twelve months or till the date the passport expires, whichever happens, earlier.
  • You cannot stay for more than 3 months at a time
  • You cannot study for more than 3 months
  • You cannot work using an ETA in Australia
  • You cannot have criminal convictions with sentences for a combined period of twelve months or more
  • You cannot have Tuberculosis



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