Market Research

Market Research

Market Research

We can undertake research into your marketplace to support
the launch of new products or new services. 

Through Market Research, we can speak directly to the type of customers
that you expect to sell to and we can interview them to find out how they
would respond to your products and services, how they would prefer to buy
and the issues you will have to overcome in order to sell to them.

This is often phone based research but in some cases it can be completed by post
or email questionnaires or
face-to-face focus groups (this is where we facilitate a discussion with a
small group of prospective customers). 

In some situations a
combination of approaches may be required for example an initial telephone
interview may flush out the principle issues and focus groups may enable us
to drive out the real detail around those issues.

The number of interviews and the structure
of the questionnaire can be tailored to your requirements with the benefit
of our expertise and experience. 

Once the research has been completed, we
will provide you with a comprehensive, easy-to-understand report that summarises our
findings and conclusions.

Customer Research &
Customer Surveys

We can also undertake
customer research on your behalf and interview your
existing customers to find out what they think about your
business and products through a customer survey.  You can use this information to develop your product
offering, improve customer satisfaction and
retention.  We can repeat the measurement process regularly enabling you to
track and measure changes and target improvements.  In all cases we provide a comprehensive,
easy-to-understand report.

See an

Example Research Analysis

Data Enhancement and Data

We can “cleanse” and “enhance” existing lists of prospects
or customers by telephoning each business to obtain information or to ensure that the information held is
accurate and up to date. If required we can also promote your services to those
customers through telemarketing.

To discuss your requirements, in strict
confidence and without obligation:

For information about
Writing a Research Brief
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