Unleashing the Business Hero Within

Rendel business is run by David and helps companies navigate the digital world.

Market Research Case Study New Product Development

Case study about a client that used our Market Research services to confirm the demand for a new product that they planned to launch.

Improvia Limited Terms Conditions Trade

Standard Terms and Conditions of Trade – Version 2.0 - Published 9th May 2018 […]

Management Training Executive Development

Improvia have designed and delivered a range of management training courses including marketing, time management and project management.

Personal Development

We can help you or your team develop through activities such as mentoring, coaching, training, 360 degree feedback and personality analysis.

Directors Support

We can provide Support for Directors to enable them to complete important projects when they don't have time to handle it personally. We can also provide and injection of new ideas if required.

Communication Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Improvia have can support you in developing communications to both staff and customers. This can be used for culture change and to grow business volumes.