Unleashing the Business Hero Within

Rendel business is run by David and helps companies navigate the digital world.

Business Consultancy Support

We can provide you with business executives that will support your business. They can assist you with strategy development, marketing, project management, product development or executive development such as mentoring and training.

Improvia Charges

This page describes the charges that we make for our Support for Directors and our Research Services

Telemarketing Growing Sales Volumes

This article discusses the role that telemarketing or telesales can play in growing the sales turnover of a business.

Writing Research Briefs

An article about how to write a research brief for a market research company.

New Customer Research Case Study

Case study about a client that used our research services to gain new customers and a better understanding of their market.

Market Research

Improvia Ltd have experience of conducting market research to support the launch of new products and services. We can help you understand the requirements of prospective customers and the way that they buy.

Project Management

We can provide experienced project managers to help you complete projects.


A mentor can give you new inspiration, and external perspective and someone to bounce ideas around with. Mentoring for you or your team can improve effectiveness and help you achieve your goals.