Telemarketing Projects

Our telemarketing projects

Examples of Recent Telemarketing Projects

Below are a few examples of the telemarketing projects that we have recently undertaken:

FINANCIAL SERVICES PROVIDER – The successful promotion of financial services to prospective businesses resulted in significant volumes of leads, in excess of those expected by competitors that tendered for the business.  These leads have been successfully converted into numerous new clients.

Booking of appointments and identification of leads that generated new business for the client organisation.

COMMERCIAL FINANCE BROKER – The identification of leads that exceeded expectations and produced the first client within 2 weeks.


WORKING CAPITAL PROVIDER – Promotion of working capital products for a company that received business worth many times the cost of the campaign.

WEIGHING PRODUCTS BUSINESS – Generation of a number of appointments that have given rise to new business for our client.


MARKETING SERVICE BUSINESS – New business generation for a specialist marketing services business that resulted in new customers for our client.


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